Therapeutic Massage 30 minutes .. $50 60 minutes .. $85 90 minutes .. $115

Therapeutic Massage Package (5 sessions)

30 minutes .. $225 60 minutes .. $375 90 minutes .. $525
Specialty Massage Services      
Hot Stone Therapy 60 minutes .. $105 90 minutes .. $135  
A massage treatment using heated stones to relax muscles and induce a calming state of mind. May not be appropriate for certain conditions.
Reflexology 30 minutes .. $50    
Application of pressure to specific points on the feet; can help conditions throughout the body.
Reiki 30 minutes .. $50 60 minutes .. $85  
Gentle, healing energy work in which the therapist addresses the energy channels within the body to release blockages and promote balance
Thai Yoga Massage 60 minutes .. $85    
         Yoga-like stretches that are done on a mat on the floor while you are fully clothed.  Helpful for opening up joints. 
     Lomi Lomi      90 minutes .. $150    
 A traditional Hawaiian massage with fluid & rhythmic strokes.
Ear Candling 60 minutes .. $60    
An ancient remedy used for cleansing the ear canals and sinus passages. Helpful for those who experience tinnitus, ear infections, inner ear pressure, swimmer’s ear, chronic sinusitis, and headaches.
Exfoliation with 60-minute massage .. $125  
Lifts away dead skin cells. Stimulates circulation, refines skin texture.
Mud Wrap with 60-minute massage .. $170  
Each mud is uniquely formulated for specific therapeutic benefits.
     Seaweed Complex (Remineralizing)
     Black Baltic Mud (Detoxifying)
     European Rose Mud (Moisturizing)
Aromatherapy Wrap with 60-minute massage .. $125  
Designed to deeply relax and energetically balance your body. Essential oils are applied to specific points on the body to encourage energetic harmony and a brief massage is given to aid relaxation. The client is then wrapped and allowed to rest.
Spa Reflexology 60 minutes .. $90    
Relax and enjoy as the feet experience an invigorating sea salt glow, rose mud wrap, and reflexology treatment.
Choose Your Bliss 2 & 1/2 hours (150 minutes) .. $215  
Find your own recipe for total relaxation. Begin with a full body exfoliation, then spend time nurturing your body with a mud wrap.  Finish with a relaxing massage with aromatherapy.
Heaven Scent 2 hours (120 minutes) .. $140  
Find your own piece of heaven! Start unwinding with an ultra-moisturizing paraffin treatment on both hands and feet. Then relax with an Aromatherapy wrap and end on cloud nine with a one-hour massage.